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Home - EGC Survival Wars Server Cluster
Ragnarok Server
The Island Server
The Centre Server
Scorched Earth Server
Aberration Server


To Gain Access to the servers you will be required to subscribe to all the mods in the modpack.
Nevermind all those servers that have silly high rates where you pick up a single rock from the beach and get 40 to 100 stone or can tame any dino in a few seconds of been on the server we pride ourselves on balance and good gameplay with a sense of progression.
With slightly higher rates than official servers EGC Survival Wars Server Cluster could be the servers for you all mods have been thought out well to include everything you would need to start in the hostile environments of your map of choice.
Good luck survivors we look forward to you joining our ever growing community and trying to survive.


A few of the ever increasing feature list on the servers.

Kibble Cooker

Extra kibbles with our in built mod Balanced Kibble will make it easier for you to tame the dinos on the Arks.

Stronger Narcotics

Stronger narcotics with our in built mod Balanced Narcotics will help you to knock out them higher level dinos and prepare you army.

Upgradable Gear

To help fight the ever increasing threats on the arks players are able to upgrade any gear they craft and augment them with addons.

Dino Races

There is race tracks setup for having races with other players so breed them dino for some speed

NPC Towns

You will find at least one PvP free town on each map for trading with NPC controlled shops.

Role Play

You can be whatever you want to be on the ark including making your own player shops.

Server Screenshots

A few screenshots from the server.

Player Feedback

Some good feeback from some of our most dedicated players.


“I really like this cluster, if you’re looking for friendly PVPers than also means repect and will not Riad without provokation that’s the place. There’s a friendy welcome on there to let people settle in and no one will raid you if you’re respectful. It’s like a litle family. Also features all official maps with working transfers.”


“Brilliant community atmosphere for all, family friendly, issues, bugs or problems addressed as soon as possible and constant communication from the devs and admin to the community detailing progression of changes or improvments.”


“Great server, great community, rates trick you into thinking its slow but its got a lot of mods that help you, it has 4 maps and soon they will have the new dlc map, for everyone who likes to play PVPVE and building i suggest this server :D”